What makes you laugh?

I love to laugh. It just feels good to the soul. I mean to watch something funny or to see something funny takes it to another level. With that being said what makes you laugh.

Here is my top 5 list (no particular order):

  1. Someone being scared. Now I didn’t say I like to be scared. I’m just saying I like to watch people being scared. Don’t try it. Haha.
  2. Listening to someone else laugh. Aw this one is contagious. A genuine deep felt bellowing laugh is hard to beat.
  3. A comedy movie. Nowadays it’s hard to find a clean comedy but there are a few. To me some of the old comedy is really good as well. A bag of twizzlers, a Coke Zero and a good comedy.
  4. Life. This is probably my favorite. Life is really, really hilarious. I mean just look around. Seriously, right this very second I am sitting in an airport and the guy beside me is eating a burger. A big blob of mustard has fallen into his beard. Should I tell him?
  5. Pain. Yeah. This is a weird one. Every time I bump my knee or kick the table I laugh. Is that weird? It feels weird but I think it covers the pain. Uh oh. I may have just found the reason I felt compelled to write a blog on “Laughter”.

I see the world as a comedy. I can’t tell you how many times I have been in a gutter in life and start laughing. Most of the time I have these laughing sessions I’m sitting in my apartment in Fairhope, looking out the window at the lighted trees, asking myself “Torrey, how did you get here, son?” Haha. Boy how life changes and how it continues to do so.

See it’s easy to be in despair but wouldn’t it be so much easier to be able to laugh. Just laugh at life and say “Not today Satan! Not gonna steal today’s joy!”

It’s all about perspective. I have so much to be thankful for as I look around. I have so much joy and happiness to laugh along with and sometimes laugh at. Life is ours to make what we want of it. God has blessed us tremendously.

Laugh off the gutters, laugh off the enemy, find joy in the small things, look for the laughter and don’t worry… he got the mustard out of his beard.


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