Random things I’ve observed.

  1. Sometimes emails actually don’t make it to their recipient. It’s not just a lie.
  2. There is a right and wrong way to pull into Walmart.
  3. Arguing and yelling with your family in the church parking lot can be seen by others so when you walk in with a red face it’s not from the hot weather.
  4. Certain clothes should not be worn by certain people.
  5. Just because you look away when you run into someone that you don’t want to speak to does not make you invisible.
  6. When passing a cop, as you are speeding, if you look straight ahead with both hands on the wheel does not slow your car down.
  7. When talking on the phone speaking loudly does not help the reception.
  8. Consistency is key. Act at home as you do at work and as you do at CHURCH.
  9. Praying a long prayer in front of the congregation won’t get you any closer to Heaven.
  10. A smile always helps.
  11. Laughter is the key to life. Seriously people. All of us are funny.
  12. Racism can come to and from any race.
  13. Smoking is not cool… unless its rear tires.
  14. Whistling in public should be outlawed unless you are good.
  15. Wearing a cross around your neck does not add holiness.
  16. Asking and Axing are two different things. One is a felony.
  17. You can ruin the looks of a car by adding too much.
  18. There is a problem if your car is worth more than your house.
  19. Seeing people get scared is hilarious. Just don’t do it to me.
  20. We all have faults and issues. Get over it and get on with it.

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