Have you ever thought that you were destined for something greater? Like maybe you are a little lost in this world and not meeting your potential?

Let me see if I can put it in a different perspective. A brick is a block of clay or other material. It’s not really too much to look at. Most of the time they are not perfect. Actually they usually have very rough edges and could cut your skin. Not worth much at all.

Even if you put 5 bricks end to end they make nothing. A couple layers of the same still does not produce anything. How about 30 layers, mortar, and a level. Now we have something. We have a wall! If we keep going we make a room and by the time we know it we could build a home. Now we have something!

Ok, so back to us. It’s pretty simple. If we look at ourselves we may not have a lot to offer this world. We may be like that brick. Now, if we work together and continue to grow we can always be more. We need these like minded people to support us and encourage us to grow more. It’s a beautiful thing to watch someone build something in their life.

You may say that if feels that certain people try and knock you down every chance they get. I say “keep building!” One day our building will outgrow their tearing. That’s when we can prosper.

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