Life Raft

I was reading a story this morning, while flying to Indiana, about WWII.

The short of the story was this. A German U-boat came to the surface and was seen by an Allied bomber. As the German skipper saw the allied bomber he radioed back to other U-boats to warn them. During this radio transmission he told them not to worry too much because the US bomber over him was no match for his boat. He also asked, knowing we had picked up the transmission, “how are the dodgers playing?”

The story I read was from the pilot and he said that he rose into a clouds to mask his moves. In a few seconds he made a plan to come back toward the u-boat in direct sunlight so that it would be harder for him to be seen. That two minutes of masking allowed him to drop four charges. One on either side of the boat and two on the bow. Thus sinking it immediately.

The Captain immediately came back around to drop life rafts to save those in the water thus saving many crew members including the Captain.

It’s pretty amazing to me no matter how arrogant we become or how many times we make mistakes God still circles back around to throw us a lifeboat.

I’m not sure about you but I am thankful for the many lifeboats he has sent for me.

A few days later the Captain of the Bomber and the Captain of the u-boat met and shook hands. The German soldier wanted to see the man that outsmarted him.

A few months later he joined the Allies which was very helpful in battling German U-boats.

Do you need a life raft today? How about this, do you have a life raft you could send to someone else? Love God, help others, and keep smiling.

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