Do you ever feel like you walk around in a Fog? Well I do. Some things in life seem so clear but most of the time I walk around thinking “what’s next?” Life seems to be a series of ups and downs or chapters. Ever read a book that is clicking along very interestingly and then there is a chapter that is just awful. You keep reading because you remember there were so many good chapters. Sounds just like life.

Let me give you one more example. Life is a lot like golf. In a round of 18 you experience every emotion. Glad to be playing, excitement of the view, disappointment of a shot, anger to the point of giving up, then you make a good shot and you remember why you play. There are so many good moments in golf that far outweigh the bad. Sounds like life. Oh but the fog…

Three ways to know you are in the fog:

1) Sadness is more of your day than happiness. If most of your day is spent depressed or sad you may be in the fog. I am a fan of getting rid of as much stress as you can. I am also a big fan of doing things about things you can do things about. Things you can’t control let them go. Most of our depression stems from things we can’t even do anything about.

2) Your face shows your heart. Are you always mad? Do you feel angry toward life and others all the time? This is part of the fog. The good part about what I am saying is that knowing you are angry shows you know there is an issue.

3) You compare your life with others life. “I wish I was like them, I wish I had their money, their house, their job”. Can I drop some more knowledge on you? It’s never what it appears. We all have issues. Everyone is struggling in their own ways.

So let’s get one thing clear. Our adversary, Satan, orchestrates the fog. He is the master of deception. He is creator of chaos but… he has no power over you unless you let him.

How do we break out of the fog?

1) Recognize that the fog is in front of you. This may be every day. Every day when we get up we need to recognize the fog is out. Don’t drive that way! Stay out of it. Know there is nothing good in the fog. If you are headed that way, stop!

2) What if you are already in it? Knowing you are there, again, is good. Get out of the slump. Call a friend, take a walk, and by all means don’t get consumed with the negative. Concentrate on the positive. Write down the good things in life on one sheet then the negative on another. Throw away the negative list. With the list (you probably won’t throw it away) start taking off the issues one by one. Do things about things you can do things about.

3) The fog hates the sun. It’s a little cheezy but our life fog hates the Son. We need to let Christ take these items off of us, He has told us to leave it for him. Why will we not? Our spiritual health drives the rest of our health.

People may not like you, life may be throwing some major curves, life doesn’t seem to be going your way, and the fog may have you bogged down. That’s ok. It’ll be fine but we have to attack the fog like it attacks us. Never give up. It will roll away soon and the path will become clear.

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