COVID-19… let me start by saying “wow!”. This has been the craziest few weeks I have ever seen. I have always wondered how it was in WWII where the country pulled together to fight a common cause. Every man and woman was called to the fight. Well… this is it.

I want to give some kuddos.

– The United States of America. I am a proud member of the United States military. I joined to serve because of the love for this land and these people. I never ask for anything in return and I never expect anything. What I have seen from our nation has made me so proud though. It makes me proud to wear that uniform. We have pulled together to fight a common enemy. Trust me… we will succeed.

– My family. It has been great spending time with each other. My wife has kept us all sanitized and my children have been amazing. Even though we have gotten a little stir crazy we are making it because of each other.

– My company. Performance Contractors is unbelievable. I am so impressed by our leadership and how they have communicated and led during this time. It has been and will be extremely challenging but with this team we are up to it.

– The Lord I serve, Jesus Christ. I stood outside the other night and watched the space station fly over. As I stood there God reminded me of something. He is bigger than my problems, he is bigger than some people’s anxiety, and he is definitely bigger than some virus. He reminded me he is still God, he is still on the throne and he is still in control. Know what? I believe it.

No matter where we are today his plan is still in play. I pray for each of you and love you tremendously. Keep your head up. This too shall pass… then let’s meet for barbecue.

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