Weakest Link

Have you ever heard of the FIA World Endurance Championship?

If you haven’t here is a quick rundown.
– It’s a car racing series where very sophisticated cars compete in endurance.
– These races are usually 4 to 24hrs long and consist of three drivers.
– The three drivers is what makes it unique. It must consist of 2 professional drivers and 1 amateur driver.
– This amateur driver is called the “Gentleman Driver”. Every team must have one.

Many of the professional drivers are not very keen on these amateurs but they must have them to race. They are the “weakest link” on every team but they are a necessity. So, what do they do?

– They invest in them because their success is everyone’s success.
– They encourage these drivers by teaching them their skills.
– They treat them as one of their own and invite them along to all their functions.

The “Gentlemen Drivers” spend between 1-6 million dollars a year to be a part of these teams. That’s a lesson in itself.

The bottom line is this. We are as good as our weakest link. We can let that link keep us weak or we can pour all we have in to those “Gentlemen” (or Ladies).

I challenge us all to look for every opportunity to invest and encourage each and every one of our team members. Let’s keep it going.

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