Veteran’s Day

Good morning!

Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day. After a crazy couple of weeks of presidential elections I thought it would be good for us to look at presidents who were also veterans.

A total of 31 out of 44 US presidents were military veterans, including five who served in American war of independence, six in the War of 1812, seven in the American Civil War, and eight in the Second World War.

Of the eight who served during the WWII, five were in the Naval reserve, while Jimmy Carter was in the Navy, Ronald Reagan was in the US Army air forces, and Dwight D Eisenhower was the Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

The only US president to have served since the Second World War was George W. Bush. I have lots of comments on this topic but I will leave it alone.

How about we look at President Zachary Taylor?

Zachary Taylor earned the nickname “Old Rough and Ready” as he reached the rank of Major General in the US Army. Zachary Taylor was known to be a master at military tactics. After taking the Mexican town of Buena Vista in 1847, Taylor was ordered to send his men to Veracruz to reinforce General Winfield Scott. Taylor did so but decided to leave behind a few thousand troops to defend Buena Vista. As General Santa Anna of the Mexican army heard of this move he sent 20,000 men to take Buena Vista. When he demanded surrender, Taylor‘s aid replied “I beg to say that I decline your request“. In the ensuing battle of Buena Vista, Taylor‘s forces of only 6000 men repelled Santa Anna’s 20,000 men.

I truly believe in a world that is so divided we can look at our veterans to learn true brotherhood. Each veteran knows the importance of each other. No matter where they are from, what color they are, or what their belief system is they know they need each other. Hopefully, as a country, We can lean on our brave men and women to teach us again how great America is and how unwavering we should defend it.

Tomorrow find a veteran and tell them thank you. Better yet buy them some BBQ.

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