Charleston on Easter. This is a beautiful town and such a interesting hodge podge of people. I am enjoying a little BBQ at Poogan’s Smokehouse downtown. It’s very good.

Where did the name Poogan come from? Well I had to do some research. Here is a description from a local haunted ghost tour site.

How Poogan’s Porch Came to Be

When 72 Queen was purchased, the previous owners left in such a haste, that they didn’t even bother to bring their dog with them. This little wiry haired white dog named Poogan, was left behind without cause, left behind on the porch of the house to wonder why? Why he had been abandoned?

The new owners, baffled as to why anyone would leave such a sweet dog behind themselves, decided to keep Poogan. Taken with the dog immediately, it was decided that the restaurant would be named after the pup.

Yeah pretty interesting. I am a barbeque tasting professional so I had to try this place out. For the record, I give this spot at solid 8/10. Great wings and pork. The house sauce was kicking. Like Schwarzenegger, I’ll be back.

I look around at these buildings and it’s neat to see the architecture. What is even more interesting to me is how they literally have washers and nuts holding these vast buildings together. I understand masonry , not a mason though (jab at my Mason friends). Well enough to get myself in trouble. What would happen if we took off the nuts and washers? Would the years it has sat there hold it together?

Well, what holds you together? Or better yet, what do you think holds you together?

Colossians 1:7 states “And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” Wow! That’s cool.

In life we have no need of any other glue than that of our Lord. On this Easter Sunday I am reminded that i don’t have a clue. I don’t know how to walk this life and I have no idea how to keep myself together. I only know one thing for sure. I must give it all to Jesus. I am nothing.

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  1. Torrey, I always enjoy reading your comments. Looking forward to our next trip to Back Bay Mission and attending church at Keesler. See you in June.

    John Small

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