Thank You

Thank you for always being a friend

Even when there was no reason to stick around

Thank you for leading by example

Showing love is a verb and not a noun

Thank you for helping the needy

Even when the funds were running low

I watched you give your last dollar to the homeless

The impact that made you will never know

Thank you for giving your own spare tire to that lady

A spare tire you would never see again

The DP bridge is very long

That night she was passed by many men

Thank you for sitting with the veteran

Suicide in his thoughts and anger on his mind

Or the young teenager

Whose arms had many a line

Thank you for never giving up

Even when satan kept pushing you down

Look at all the fun you would have missed

If you would have given into that clown

Thank you for pushing through the daily struggles

And growing each moment

Jesus said that our rewards are stored up in heaven

And you are the reason he was sent.

Show Thanks, be humble, and be hungry.

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