d1abf6fcf36dd62dfe5b2c10049c22dbWhat would you steal if it wasn’t illegal? What if I put a caveat on it and say you can steal whatever you want but it has to be from someone you know.

Many would say a certain car, jewelry, or a bunch of money. Does it make a difference if you know the person?

I once had a “friend” that wanted a radio. In school he sat beside a very well know radio thief. In chatting with the thief he mentioned his desire to get a radio for his vehicle. The thief asked my friend how much he would pay and what did he want. He told him $25 and a certain brand. The guy told my friend to say no more and he would have him one after lunch. Sure enough, after lunch he walked up to him and gave him the radio. Interesting enough his arm was bleeding.


The next day the word around school was that a well-known football player had his truck broken into at lunch and his radio was stolen. My friend was devastated. He wanted a radio but not stolen from someone he knew. The next day he called that said football player and told him with no questions to be asked he would return his radio. Without a radio, without $25, and without a friend he was taught a very big lesson.

Different story if the item you steal would be from someone you knew, huh? What if it was stolen from you? How would that make you feel?

Can I tell you that you have something stolen from you each day? There are people in life that we are letting steal our joy and happiness. To add even more grief they are stealing real estate as well. They are stealing our “mental” real estate. We have let them set up shop in our minds and they are wearing us down. They are stealing our joy. I say today is a day of eviction. Evict those out of our minds that are squatting on our joy and happiness.

The word of God says in Romans 15:14-

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”

I pray today that you find a joy that is greater than anything you have ever felt. It’s there and it’s not there in other people. Quite possibly you may be their joy. Protect your property and let Christ provide real joy.


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