What a wonderful weekend. There were five baptisms that took place over a two day period. Four over at Keesler Air Force Base at the Biloxi beach and one was at a private residence in their lake. That was so much fun. It is awesome to watch people follow what God has asked them to do. I find baptisms extremely humbling. I really do believe there is power in that water. The view of the faces of those individuals who are baptized is priceless.


We tend to take so many things in life for granted. I am so thankful for the opportunities that I have been given but recently they have become more humbling. Times in life where you think it’s over and there is no next step God is there to help guide us and he always seems to come through. Many times in the last couple years I figured that I was through. Every time that happens, I promise you guys, I see a rainbow. That promise from God kicks me in the gear to take another step. Chase those rainbows people.

Short and simple. Have a great week!

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