Oh birthday week. Yelp, I had a birthday this week.  Its always an interesting time for me.  There seems to always be a little drama around this time for some reason and then the birthday blows in and out.  Another year gone.

Birthday’s change as you get older. I remember when I was a kid that the only thing better than birthday was Christmas.  Yes, I would receive gifts and that was always fun but I also remember the parties.  They were so much fun.  Since I was a young’un I have always gotten a big ole cookie for my birthday.  This year was no different.  My daughter made me cookies and that is even more special.  Call me a cookie monster.

What’s in a birthday? I turned 43 years old.  I remember clearly when a 20yr old was real old.  I mean like real old.  I am more than double that now.  Birthdays give you another chance to look at your life and try and put things in perspective.  I am clearly over halfway done in this life.  That’s a little humbling.  I think physically I am pretty good shape but my body is slowly starting to break down.  So no matter how healthy I want to be father time is creeping up on me.

My eye sight is dwindling, my foot is having issues and my back hurts a little more. It’s not fun getting older or is it?

I look back at the last 43 years and they have been quite something. I came in with a blast weighing in over 10lbs in which I was immediately put on a diet, just kidding.  It’s not been the easiest of lives but it’s the one I have.  I have the greatest of friends and family.  I serve at an awesome Chapel and have been afforded many opportunities that most would not.  I work for a great company and have some amazing co-workers…kinda.


I have been hurt by my share of people and I have hurt my share. To that I apologize sincerely.  You never want to go through life with anything other than a wake of goodness and kindness.  Looking back, my wake is a bit broken during certain times.  For that I promise to make the future better.  I told you all that 2018 was a game-changer for me and it has not let me down.  I am super excited to see what the rest of the year holds.  Bottom line… 43 ain’t looking so bad after all.


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