Grand Prize

Around 7 months ago one of the greatest gifts God ever gave me came into this world, Maddox Grady Sullivan aka Maddog.

When I look at that kid emotions overflow every time.  What will he become? Who will he become? What part will God allow me to play in his life?  How do I show him that I truly love him? Without being weird how do I warn him about the opposite sex?  Haha.

Then the tough thoughts come along.  Will he accept Christ? Will he stay out of trouble?  Who will he fall in love with? Will he be involved in church?  If that is yes will he really dive in? Aw man, many many questions.

As I wrote this I thought I needed to make him some pledges.  One day Maddog I hope you read these.

  1. I will pray for you daily. I will pray that Jesus guides each of your steps. I will pray for your safety.

  2. I will teach you all that I know and continue to learn. The good and the bad.  I will teach all of it to you in hopes you don’t make my mistakes.

  3. I will always be there when you call. I want to hear the good and the bad news. Nothing will ever be too good or too bad that I will not be there to hear it and to lend a hand.

  4. I will kiss your head and hug you often. You will never have a reason to believe I don’t love you.

  5. I will take you consistently to all of my favorite BBQ spots. You will never have to wonder where the good spots are.  I got you.

With all of that said though please remember your Momma is my baby. Just like you are hers. You are highly ranked in my life but I’ll whoop your tail if you mess with her.  Haha. Just kidding. Not really.

I love you Maddog and am thankful to God daily for you. Go attack this world my boy. Make a difference, love people, serve the needy, and draw close to Jesus daily.

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