This topic will be a little bit different today. I am sorry that this is a late entry but I have been fairly busy this week. As I was sitting here tonight watching a football game I could see a cabinet underneath the TV. A cabinet that holds the TV. Cabinets are made in all different shapes and sizes. Some are tall and thin, some are short and wide, some have a wood front, and some have a glass front. All these cabinets do the same thing though. They all hold things.

There is a commercial that ask “what’s in your wallet?”.  I ask you “what’s in your cabinet?”. Like I mentioned some cabinets have glass fronts and some cabinets have wood or solid fronts. The ones that are glass allow us to show things that are in our cabinet. I believe many of you have things that you should share with other people. Your experiences, your life, your thought process, and other things that make you unique. I find it very interesting to talk to people with different perspectives on life. In some aspects it’s like I am looking into their cabinet. The things of their life that they are proud of.

The other side of this is something that I believe that we all can work on. What all do we have in our cabinets we don’t want other people to see. I believe that there is no reason to hide them at least from yourself. Confront the things that are in our cabinets that we don’t want others to see and deal with it. I believe our cabinets do much more good when they are fronted with glass then when they are enclosed. We have all had trials and tribulations in life but learning from each other is critical. This seems to be a normal or consistent point in all of my blogs. Helping each other out. We all need it.

This is been a trying week because of things that have happened at work. One thing that I have learned throughout this week is the need to have good people working with you and beside you. It’s amazing when one good player on the team can change the attitude of all the players on the team. I thank each of you that are just those players that change the attitude of others. Keep doing what you do.

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