Teagan Cash

So… my son has made his entrance into this world.

An overwhelming experience that was surrounded by family and friends. I want to start by saying thank you all that have showed our family such love. It is an honor to call you a friend.

I have five thoughts I want to share:

1) It’s amazing how our lives expand our capacity to love. I have such tremendous love for this kid. He is a special gift that I can’t believe is mine. I love him tremendously. The great thing about love is that you dont have to borrow from love you have given another person to give to someone else. The beauty of love. I’ll take it.

I have watched Carrie cry, laugh, and smile many times before but the moment she saw this baby I will never forget. It was the picture of pure love. I’ll take it.

2) Family is not just blood. I am so thankful for all of our family and friends. You guys are amazing. The number of people that have texted or called us to say they are praying for us has been such a blessing. Even some that we just met. Much appreciation.

3) I work for a great company. The shear number of Performance Employees that have reached out has been awesome. #teamperformance is not just a hashtag. It’s a family. Let’s keep it going.

4) I write a lot about my Dad and his dementia. My mom, of course, was not gonna miss this birth and brought my Dad over (even as she is recovering from surgery). I can’t even tell you how it feels that Teagan won’t get to know my Dad the way I knew him growing up. Sure, he will get to know him but he won’t the way I wish he could’ve. This picture is priceless and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Dad, I love you.

5) Prayer works. We sat down a couple of hours before the birth and prayed for a few things.

A) A healthy baby

B) A quick delivery

C) A healthy Mom

Absolutely every one of these prayers were answered. We are so thankful to serve a God that hears and answers prayers.

When I look at my children I want them to know I have tried, I am trying, and I will continue to try to show the Love to them that I have been shown. I want to be a better person than yesterday and a person you can look up to in the future.

Mck, KB, and Little T, here is all I have and it’s yours. Much love! Let’s keep it going!

3 thoughts on “Teagan Cash”

  1. Just don’t have the words to express how I feel about you, You’re the son, I never had Teagan and Carrie are so very forunate to have you, also KB and Mck. Love you much!.

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