Chosin Few


Thanksgiving Day 1950 North Korea.

General Macarthur told the men that a united Korea would be soon at hand. There was one last offensive and the North Koreans would be pushed out into China. Five months into the Korean War the Americans thought it would be over soon.

Do you ever have times in life when it looks like the valley is coming to an end? You can see there is a glimmer of light and you know you are headed back up the mountain. It is like the hope is in front of you and the worst is behind. Time to rest.

That is where the American military felt they were. It was almost over.

Then came the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir. I think you can say to yourself they let their guard down. Even though they were on the offensive it didn’t feel like they were all in. Actually, they thought there was a chance to take all of China. Maybe they overlooked the short-term goals to focus on the long term.

During this time of the year the North Korean territory would drop to sometimes -25 degrees. The last night before the final assault everything changed.

Over 30,000 United Nation troops were encircled by 120,000 Chinese soldiers. These men came to be known as “The Chosin Few”. These men, eventually, broke the circle of aggression and pushed back the Chinese.  The Chinese were only retreating to regroup.  After more skirmishes and all out battles the process of withdrawal from North Korea began.  That surprise attack, at the Chosen Reservoir, thwarted the UN progression which led to the split Korea we have today. (Read up on this battle)


Even when things go our way we can never let our guard down. That is the exact time the enemy will attack. I see myself many times in life start to slack off either because I feel tired or I think that I may be winning. The UN troops stayed on the roads and open areas during the movement toward the Reservoir. The Chinese, on foot, slid between two different fronts to prepare for their assault. The UN troops were resting while the enemy was moving. So much to learn from this great story.

Mark 13:33 – Be on guard, keep awake. For you do not know when the time will come.

1 Peter 5:8 – Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

Friends, when it seems that things are going right always stay on the lookout. The enemy is always looking for avenues to surprise us. Keep a watch out for each other as well. I can assure you I need all the help I can get from each of you. We are the Chosen…

Once upon a time there was a lion that grew so old that he was unable to kill any prey for his food. So, he said to himself, I must do something to help my stomach else I will die of starvation.

 He kept thinking and thinking and at last an idea clicked him. He decided to lie down in the cave pretending to be ill and then who-so-ever will come to inquire about his health, will become his prey. The old lion put his wicked plan into practice and it started working. Many of his well-wishers got killed. But evil is short lived.

One day, a fox came to visit the ailing lion. As foxes are clever by nature, the fox stood at the mouth of the cave and looked about. His sixth sense worked and he came to know the reality. So, he called out to the lion from outside and said, “How are you, sir?”

 The lion replied, “I am not feeling well at all. But why dont you come inside”’

Then the fox replied, ”I would love to come in, sir! But on seeing, all foot prints going to your cave and none coming out, I would be foolish enough to come in.”

 Saying so, the fox went to alert the other animals.

 Moral: Always Keep Your Eyes Open and Stay Alert before Walking in Any Situation.

There are “footprints” throughout our life warning us of dangers. Be vigilant but always continue to love, laugh, and live. All can be done simultaneously.


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