I feel I am finally coming out of a battle. I know, I know there will be more battles to come but the beauty between them can not be taken lightly.

Last week, on the beaches of Normandy, I got engaged. Yes, engaged! Can you believe it? I cannot. My lady is a true blessing from God and I am so excited about pushing through the rest of this life with her by my side. At this moment in time I, personally, am between the battles.

I see loved ones around me in the midst of their own battles and I am trying my hardest to stand in the gap for them. I believe that is what we are to do. Battles will come and battles will go but the truth of God’s word will stand forever. There are many that will try and pull you back into a battle. Those people that love the drama and the discord. They actually thrive off of it much like a drug.

Well, not today people. Not today. At this moment in time I want to bask in the good of life and help my loved ones with their battles. I have no plans to fall back into a personal battle any time soon.

Peter 1:13

Therefore, prepare your minds for action, keep sober in spirit, fix your hope completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

With all of that said though I am preparing for the next battle because… it will come. No I am not a glass half empty kinda guy. It’s always full and running over but at the same time I know we are always being attacked. It is coming. Here are three things I am doing to prepare:

1) Learn from past mistakes. I see my failures and know my mistakes. I will learn from them.

2) Surrounding myself with people that love me. That truly care about my well-being. We all need someone that has our back. I feel good about this one.

3) Spiritual growth. I want to pray more, study more, and spiritually walk more. I need the guidance from Jesus every step I take.

I am not insulated from battles in life but I serve a God that has written the story. It is written that we will win the war and I believe it.

Friends, never give up. It’s just a battle and a new morning is coming.

2 thoughts on “Post-Battle”

  1. Congratulations Torrey. Will we see you at KAFB this Sunday? Will have about 15 with us from Evansville, IN spending the week at Back Bay Mission and working on the coast.


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