So we celebrate our Father’s very soon. I just got back from England and was super excited to see the fam. It is always great to see my daughters and now I have a Son-in-law and a grandson to love on as well. My focus for this one is not on them though. It is on my own father.

As time creeps on it is taking a toll on my Dad. Physically he is doing great but mentally it is slipping. This isn’t a secret. He knows it many times as well. He is starting to tell us stories that we have never heard before. Many I want to hear about deals with the military. He was in the Army in the late 60’s and many of his stories are coming to light now. Almost like this stage in his life he is recalling his early years. I find it pretty exciting in some areas.

I just bought the house directly across the street from them. I made him a deal. He cuts my yard then in return I will buy him a riding lawnmower. Pretty good deal on both sides if you ask me. He seems to be enjoying just riding… until today. He was back out there push mowing the grass. Why?

See my Dad was one of the hardest working men I have ever been around. He would work circles around most people. He just liked to work so him pushing the grass doesn’t seem that crazy to me. He likes to sweat and get all up in it. I, on the other hand, do not like yard work very much. It is just a little boring.


Even more important than my grass being cut is the time I get to spend with him. Even if it just a few minutes each day they are precious. There was a time in my life that I missed many days due to other circumstances but I don’t plan on missing many more. It is just an honor to be able to speak with him and hear his stories. I cherish each moment.

I love you Pops!

I encourage each of you to never take for granted the time you get to speak with your parents. You never know when it may be their last day here on earth.

The topic is short this week because I am exhausted but the topic is also very important. Love you guys and take care!


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