In the company I work for we push our Observation Program constantly. It’s a pretty robust program with a simple goal. To identify, to correct, and to mitigate hazards. We take this data and use it to study trends and weaknesses. In reality just the mere fact that employees are observing and documenting is a huge step. Well… I have been doing some observing.

Here are some random things I have observed lately.

1) Many people can’t shake a good hand. Some, even men, make you feel like you are shaking a dead hand. The other day I observed a man shake another man’s hand and he asked could they do it again because it was weak. People- look in the person’s eye and give a firm handshake. It goes a long ways.

2) Most people play their hand too fast. In a business setting or a personal setting don’t play your direction so quickly. Let the meeting or the conversation naturally evolve before you play. The reason for this is that it appears you are after your own agenda rather than a mutual direction. Here is a song to help you out.

3) No respect is given. It is always earned. Many of you say that the military forces respect due to rank. Well… there is always a little respect built in due to the fact that we know what it took to get there. It may be shallow but it’s a start.

4) Most people want to do what’s right but are scared to show a weakness or seem uncool. As an adult I am always shocked that peer pressure still plays a big part in our lives. I know a bunch of people that act one way in a group and the complete opposite without the pack. That’s very strange.

5) It is a great to love your job. I invite everyone out there to find a job that you enjoy. I am not saying my job is always easy but it is always rewarding. Watching people grow and capturing their goals is truly exciting. It’s also good to work for a great company. One that when you speak about it you can be proud and honest. The sign of a great company is one that makes mistakes, owns up to it, learns from them, and moves on.

* honorable mention* Most people project on the outside what is on the inside. Most angry people are not happy with themselves. That being said we have to come to the understanding that we are who we are. God made us all unique. He made us with flaws and he knows each of them. I also encourage you guys to start a relationship with Jesus, get back on the road if you fell off, and make tomorrow better than today.

We have so much to be thankful for. Don’t lose sight of that. Observe those “God” moments each day and show someone a little love every time you can.

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