I have had a thought on my mind for a while so let me see if I can put it into words. Here we go…

We live in a world where everyone wants to be someone different. Examples:

1) We look at people on reality shows and are envious of their lives. We see their possessions and their happiness and want to be like them. This is made for TV People! We want to be what we see and not what is true reality. Why?

2) Women want to be men and men want to be women. There are specific roles that both men and women play in the world God has created. We want to change those roles that were made by the God who created all of this around you. Why?

3) We compare ourselves to, what we perceive as, “successful” people in society. Not knowing what is really going on in their minds and families but we want to be like them. Why?

If we change the plan that God has for our lives do we think that will make it better. Ever thought that God may have you right where he wants you? Ever thought about being a helpful, kind, and admirable person right where you are?

We all need to love where we are and where we are going. Let God’s plan work out the route we just keep our feet on the path.

Don’t worry about what the other person has or appears to have. Be content with what God has given us.

When my friend, Dr. Edwin St. John Ward, was in charge of the American Hospital in Beirut, a Syrian came to him with a weird complaint. The man had been attacked by bandits; and to save the twenty-six gold pounds he carried his total wealth—he swallowed them.

The money had so weighted his stomach that his whole digestive apparatus was thrown out of order. He could get no good of food, even if he could afford it. When Dr. Ward expressed skepticism as to the story, the man lay down and rat­tled the coins, and the physician could hear them clink! So he operated, and took the golden sovereigns from the man’s stomach.

The poor Syrian’s plight, both tragic and ludicrous as it was, fairly pictured the condition of many persons. They have gold—or gold has them—but they are starving for the real food of life.—W. T. Ellis.

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