Maddog #1

Wow! Today is one year since one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever been given entered this world. Maddox turned 1! Awesome.

To his mom and dad:

Time flies by in this life. It will always be easy to let the world get you down but the true sign of courage is perseverance. Our Father in Heaven has given us all a wonderful gift but he has given you both the responsibility. We will all be standing by to help you any time. I am incredibly proud of you both. My heroes.


One year down and it has been a doozy. I am so thankful for this year with you and how you have grown. You have great parents and a great family. You even have two aunts that love you tremendously. That’s a huge blessing. I wrote you a blog not too long ago and I still mean each word in that. When I see your cute face I see hope. I also see a Lord above that has a perfect timetable for our life. At this moment in time I all I can say is that I am thankful for you.

To the family:

Thank you all for the love you show Maddox and his parents. I know we may not all see eye to eye on all things but I believe we all can agree that he deserves a chance to prosper and live happily. May we all give him just that. I am thankful for you.

One year down and many more to go. Super excited to watch Maddox grow.

Happy Birthday Maddox!


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